Give them a second chance!

I played Netrunner. First game was terrible. I had problems with rules because rulebook is terrible [yeah, I know, I may be the last person to complain about rulebooks]. I saw not too many choices, you only put an Agenda, put an Ice in front and wait for Runner to attack. Boring.

I spent more time with rulebook. I went through BGG forums. I asked Piechu to help me with rules because still some things were unclear for me. We played again. It didn’t rock. Quite boring. Put Agenda, put Ice, gather money, wait..

I visited BGG again. Game has an extremely good ratings. Everybody is just crazy about the game. We played it again. It was ok.

I lost. I wanted rematch. We played again. It was quite fun. For few rounds it really was exciting. I lost. I wanted rematch. We played again. It was fun. It was exciting. I lost again…


These days the pressure is huge. You play the game. Either it is great or it sucks. No middle ground. No time for second chance. There are 10 new releases waiting on your shelf. You have no time for giving the game another chance. The game is great, or you take another box from shelf…

600 new games released in Essen. 20 of them on your shelf. Escape, Terra Mystica, Tzolkin, Robinson Crusoe, Suburbia, Love Letter, Space Cadets – to mention only a few. Mage Wars? Legendary? Descent 2.0? Netrunner? Star Wars: Miniature game? CO2? Lords of Waterdeep?

This is crazy.

There is no space for giving the second chance. Queque of great games is too long…


I am happy I gave Netrunner second and third and fourth chance. I am happy that I was stubborn and tried again and again. I am happy that after polishing game play and reading carefully all rules I finally find this game good.

Hold the pressure of new titles. Be stubborn. Play a game few times before you finally decide it sucks and grab new one from shelf…