Drug dealers from GW

zdjęcieIt all began in summer 1994. I was in Warsaw (capitol of Poland) at RPG convention and I had one in a life time chance to buy Warhammer Battle base box. It costed me more than my 1 year pocket money. But I didn’t hesitate. I spent all money I had and I bought it. I didn’t speak English so I had to read it with dictionary. I was stubborn and WFB was so cool!

I was into it for many years. I ran gaming club, I organized tournaments, I was running campaigns and – of course – I was buying miniatures. I had Dwarf army, Wood elves army, Empire army… Yes, GW took every penny I had…

Then I grew up, got into board games, my mates grew up and got into kids and wives…

I sold my Empire models. I gave my Wood elves models to one of my mates… Only Dwarfs survived. Hey! Dwarfs are dwarfs! No one touch my Dwarfs! They were stuck on my shelf covered with dust, forgotten for years.

I haven’t play Warhammer Battle for a long time.

And yet…

Today I bought a book. Even though I am 100% I will never ever use it.

I can’t help it. I am addicted. Shame on you Games Workshop!


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