A desk

SONY DSCSo we are in Indiana, at Gen Con. We are one day before convention actually starts, so we have few hours to walk around, visit city, do some ‘non convention’ stuff. Since me and Merry are wife and husband for couple of years so… so we do decide that we will visit the city separately. She goes her way, I go my way. We’ve been together long enough. I try to find game shops, she tries to find… I have no damn idea. And I don’t even care.

Few hours pass. We finally meet at the dinner. She is happy like a kid and she starts with a huge news:

‘I bought a desk!’ she announces.

‘What?!’ I can’t believe I hear what I hear.

‘A desk. Old, wooden desk. It is beautiful. It is from XIX century! American desk. You will love it.’

‘Are you nuts?! You bought in Indiana a desk?!’ There are very bad words that are going to be said in a moment. I am furious. A desk? Is she fucking crazy?!

‘It was a bargain! It was beautiful. They said they will help us with shipping.’ she is excited like a kid.

‘You want them to ship your fucking desk across ocean?! Merry, are you crazy?!’

I will explode or I will strangle her. There is no other way.

Oh, no, wait, in a fact, there is third way… I wake up.


Since couple of days I have nightmares. There are three standard motives involved each night: travels, Gen Con, Merry. I need help. Please.

photo credit: mugfaker via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “A desk

  1. Merry says:

    I am going to buy a cow. A real cow. She will be parking close to your car!
    Your Merry

  2. Jeff Patino says:

    If you want I can keep Merry away from desks in Indianapolis (GenCon) this year. 😉

  3. Keith Collins says:

    I live in Indiana, I can show her a few good furniture stores of course!

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