The worst that can happen to you, dear gamer!

Let’s face it. Sometimes we all get a little bit too excited with new releases. It’s not our fault, obviously. This is totally fault of publishers and their marketing teams. They attack us by surprise (I am talking about you FFG and your Imperial Assault), they attack us by having great license (Alien Legendary? How can anybody resist that?!), they attack us by super combo of great components, great author and great brand reputation (Days of Wonder pay attention, I am talking about your Five Tribes now). They even use crazy approach like having blog about games written by a dude who can’t speak English (Portal Games your strategy is super unique!). Back to topic!

So we get excited. We buy the game. It looks gorgeous. We set it up, we begin to play and…

And it is great. It is damn good. Exactly as we dreamed of. Exactly as those cunning marketers told us. It’s hard to believe but it is really that good.

We feel excitement, we feel freaking joy. We feel like in heaven.

Round after round we feel growing tension and – I know this is crazy but before even we finish the first game, we dream about rematch, about playing it again and then again. Man, what a feeling!

We finish the game, we win, we look at our beloved wife to share this pure joy that we feel now and to ask her how she liked it.

‘I didn’t like it. It’s boring. Sell it. I won’t play it again.’ she says…


It’s like getting hit with a shovel. Huge one shovel. Right in your face.

I had it with Dungeon Twister.

I had it with Railways of the World.

I had it with Doomtown: Reloaded.

I had it so many times. And I bet you had it too.

You wife or your husband hit you with shovel right in your face.

Any dreadful stories to share? 🙂



3 thoughts on “The worst that can happen to you, dear gamer!

  1. scafandr says:

    Yeah, i have many of this stories.
    For example Dungeon Petz. I was hesitated to buy this one. Is it good game, what about comparing with Dungeon Lords… I was asking my blog visitors about this game. And some day i understand that i’m ready to buy DP. Boy, how i like this game! Excellent components, good humour, interesting decisions. But after play my friends were sitting with face like after eating ton of lemons.
    “Guys, did you like it?”
    “Oh, a little bit… It’s quite interesting but… Not so interesting as we want”
    In a week i’ve asked them if they don’t mind to play again in DP, and their answer was more true – NONONONONO! This game is shit.
    Epic fail. I really like this game but… I can’t to play it alone=)
    Ignacy, is Doomtown in this version good? If i have old CCG is it must buy for me?

  2. This exactly happened to me, with Stronghold. I LOVE Stronghold. I can’t never have too much of it, but my girlfriend is tired of lose, and we can’t play it any more (in fact the game is in Spain and I’m not). I’m not going to sell my precious Stronghold, because I have the feeling that someday, I will play it again!

  3. Kai says:

    I wouldn’t exactly say dreadful stories. I mean, it’d be boring if my lovely wife and me had exactly the same taste. Mostly, we can agree on games, but she has a deep and fiery hatred for Smash Up. I’m quite fond of the game myself, it’s silly, it’s fun and it has the Bear Cavalry. THE BEAR CAVALRY!!! But after the first game, we can never play it together again. So we play other games, and I have a few friends that happily play Smash Up when Si is not around.

    But I guess I am in the favorable situation that we have a big circle of close friends, all of which are into boardgames. So if Si hates a game, or likes one that I hate, we can always find someone else to play with.

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