Strong recommendation!

I am huge sf fan. Which is a tricky thing these days. There is so many sf movies in cinema. Every damn month we have more new sf movies than we had per year when I was a kid. The problem is – well, at least from my perspective – that when I was a kid we had Blade Runner, E.T., Terminator, Alien, Abyss, Total Recall. Great stories with poor special effects.

Now we have the opposite – awesome special effects and no story at all.

That’s why a good sf movie deserves a post. That is why good sci fi makes me happy as a kid. That’s why once again this weekend I was proud to be sf fan.

Edge of Tomorrow, baby!


6 thoughts on “Strong recommendation!

  1. Fabian says:

    I feel the same. And my girlfriend and myself really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow.
    You should give “Lucy” a try. It’s not hardcore scifi, bit in my opinion highly entertaining and a good step back to the roots, either for Luc Besson and cinema itself.
    … ok we might have to debate about the movie’s ending but yeah …

  2. I’m glad to know it gets the Trzewik seal of approval, as I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I saw the trailer. The concept seems interesting, and the director sure can rock an action scene, but I know nothing of the screenwriter, so I wasn’t sure what to expect..!

  3. Fabien Conus says:

    Aaah Ignacy. I’m sorry but I must disagree with you here. This movie does indeed have truly great ideas and I really enjoyed it for the most part.

    But why, tell me why did they have to add that bloody stupid last scene that has no meaning whatsoever, makes absolutely no sense, is pointless and is only here to act as an american-happy-end ?

    WHY ???

    This just ruined to movie for me 😦

    I was really pissed when I saw that last scene.

  4. Sven K. says:

    The movie sounds interesting. i will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Have you already seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? As far as i am concerned THE BEST sic fi movie i have seen in a long time. Super cool music, great story and very, very funny! I really liked that one! Check it out!!!



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