postSerial period

AR-AH827_SERIAL_P_20141113163544It was November. Dallas. I was standing in the line at the airport for boarding. I tweeted something like: “8 hours flight. What podcast do you recommend?” HyperboleGrant quickly replied: “Serial”

I did not managed to download it in time for boarding, but I hit ‘Subscribe’ button. I will check it when I reach Poland, I decided.

I reached Poland. I forgot about Serial.


I started listening Serial few weeks ago. First episode, second episode, third… And then all of them just in one weekend. It was a crazy ride. I couldn’t stop. The story was so engaging, so complicated, everything was so tense and jumbled. The way podcast was produced was brilliant. With great soundtrack, with fragments from actual court scenes or interrogations rooms.

Serial is a masterpiece.

Best storytelling piece I heard for years. Perhaps even the best storytelling piece I heard in my life.

It was an amazing experience.

And yet, HyperboleGrant will not hear ‘Thank you, man’

And yet, HyperboleGrant should not be proud of his recommendation.

And yet, HyperboleGrant is the last person I will ask for advice next time…


Since the day I listened last episode of Serial I never listened to other podcast. I look at Podcasts icon on my Iphone screen and I sight with longing.

For the past month I haven’t listen to any board games podcasts (with 2 small exceptions).

I miss Anthony and his loooong Cardoard Jungle. I miss Tony and Marty and their Rolling Dice. I miss The Secret Cabal crew…

It’s all because Serial. I can’t accept it’s over. I can’t get over it. It’s your fault man. Shame on you HyperboleGrant!


4 thoughts on “postSerial period

  1. I’ve been listening to Serial-quality podcasts for years. Makes many game podcasts hard to listen to!

      • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is wonderfully intense, in depth and gripping podcast about some of the biggest events in history.

        Welcome to Night Vale is an entertaining weird-conspiracy spoof podcast of strange goings on in a fictional desert town.

        99% Invisible is a brilliant podcast about the design of everyday things you don’t always see or think about. Lots of good lessons for the designer.

  2. Whoa…let’s just everyone take a deep breath before someone says something I’m going to regret -Marty

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