What’s wrong with game designers?!

IMG_3002For the past few weeks I have super intense testing sessions. Super intense ass kicking in a fact. I play with the best players I know to balance new faction for Imperial Settlers. That means they beat me over and over. They get results I will never made. Then they look at me like I am this lousy boy who does his best but he just don’t have enough talent. Poor boy, they think. Every time they destroy me and look at me with this look, I want to punch their face and say something like: “I design this game in the first place you smartass!”

But I don’t punch them. I say nothing. I just ask for another game. And I get beaten again.


It’s really hard to explain. I talked with many fellow designers and most of them say the same – we can’t play our own designs. We get beaten over and over.

Why is that? Why we, people who know the game the best, people who know every single card, every single connection, synergy, why we are unable to use them and win? What’s wrong with us?

Anyone knows? Anyone?

It’s 2015 for crying out loud.

It just happened. We don’t know when it happened, but it certainly happened and there is no way to change this. Smart phones are part of our life. Like crazy we make and post photos, we share our emotions, we announce on Facebook or Twitter that we are happy or angry.

You are having a great time? Bum! Make a selfie with friends and post on Instagram.

You just won few bucks in a casino? Bum! Let all your firends on FB know that!

Having awesome dinner? Photo of meal is on your Instagram!

And so on, and so on. We share our happy moments like crazy. I like it. I do it a lot.


Even if I eat a great dinner at Bally’s Las Vegas, I won’t post it on my Instagram.

Even if I win 1000 usd at Bally’s Las Vegas casino, I won’t post it on Twitter.

Even if I have a great time with friends at Bally’s Las Vegas, I won’t mention it on Facebook.

I won’t do this because Bally’s Las Vegas has no free wi-fi for guests.

Instead of posting positive emotions, instead of showing everybody that I have a great time at Ballly’s and my friends should come over here and have a great time too, I’ll do something else. I’ll pay for Internet access and I write this hate post.

I am super disappointed. I wanted to share with my friends and followers awesomeness of Gama Trade Show. Bally’s made it hard.


Hey, Bally’s! Wake up!! It’s 2015 for crying out loud! I need Internet access to praise you or… #IHateBallysVegas

midWinter 8


I came back from Norway more than a week ago. And yes, it took me more than a week to get back on my feet. MidWinter turned out to be one of the most unlucky conventions I have ever been. The very first night in Norway I got high temperature, fever and soon after, in the morning it was f… clear – I have a flu.

Flu doesn’t work with snack bar food.

Flu doesn’t work with running demos at convention.

Flu doesn’t work with Norwegian weather. I felt super bad and yet, I was pushing it hard, everyday trying to be as long as possible at convention and run demos.

When I got home it was payback time.



The city and the area from what I managed to see during the first day is absolutely beautiful. It is exactly as you’d imagine Norway. Amazing small port city and green land with huge rocks, strong wind… The moment we landed, I knew I am in Norway and I loved it.

If you like to do sightseeing and board gaming in one weekend, visiting MidWinter is awesome option for you.


Norwegian folk. I mean Vikings.

Not all of them has a beard. And they are not fierce warriors. They are extremely friendly and kind people. Don’t have beards. Don’t hold axes. Are smiled, funny, and super kind.



Selection of games was crazy. I have to say – most conventions I’ve been has a club library available. Here it was different – it was just games brought by geeks. And I have to say it – every single geek brought best games from his or her collection. From the hottest new games (X-Com, Imperial Assault) till the old great games (Imperial, 7 Wonders), from light games (Bausack, Splendor), till heavy beasts (Through the Ages). So many great titles. I was walking next to the library and I saw one title after another that I’d love to play.

If not this stupid flu…



Prices in Norway are highest in Europe. Considering the fact that I am from Poland, one of the poorest countries in Europe… You get the point. For a price of sandwich I could get dinner in Poland.

At one point I was really shocked – I was talking with Einar, chief of MidWinter and he said: ‘Games are very cheap, we buy a lot of them.’

That was a first time in my life when I heard a gamer saing ‘Games are cheap.’

That shows you level of prices of other products in Norway, huh? 🙂



There was crazy amount of tournaments and crazy amount of participants. Tournament for Imperial Settlers had 22 players, biggest in the world so far! People played tournament of King of Tokyo and Quirkle and PitchCar and Bausack… At casual conventions like that, with just free gaming so many tournaments is something unique.

I have to mention super fair play atmosphere during tournament of Imperial Settlers. I already posted about it on Instagram and Twitter – players were super friendly, were helping each other with rules, were supportive to their opponents. Let better player win was a motto, but let us play in a friendly way was even more important. Great approach.


If only the flu

MidWinter is a small convention held in a small beautiful city. I strongly recommend you to check flight tickets, look for good price or promotion and consider visiting a Norway. This is a stunning place you can visit and enjoy. And play some board games too.

I am super sad I had flu and I was not able to enjoy the convention in 100%. I hope to come back to MidWinter. It is definitely a place I want to come back! These are definitely people I want to meet again and play with them some cool games!

P.S. Probably I infected half of the population of the Norway with my flu. I am sorry.