You are all doomed

What you see above is a tweet from Rich Sommer who finally decided to give Neuroshima Hex a try. Rich doesn’t know what will happen next but I do. I am publisher of the game. I know all those cases. I know them very well. Rich is doomed.

Rich will fall in love with Neuroshima Hex because this game is freaking good. Since its release in Poland in 2007 it is bestseller, we sell more than 2000 copies here in Poland each year, we present it on conventions every damn weekend and we know what we have here – we have here one of the best tactical board games on the planet. Yes, I said it.

Rich will then learn about expansions. He will discover that here in Poland we released 11 additional armies and because the English rights for the game are back at Portal Games, we just released first new army in English. It is called Uranopolis and it has a cool girl on the cover. Rich will probably give it a try, it’s only 12 bucks, right?

Rich will love how Uranopolis changed the game and how it increased replaybility of the base game. I don’t know if he is a patient person, but I could see him ordering from Poland just few additional armies that were released only in Polish language so far, but man, the game is language independent anyway, right? These other armies look so cool…

I don’t know if the next guest at Cardboard! is Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy, but I know that it will be an awesome opportunity to close the circle and make Mad Max play Neuroshima Hex. That’s how it all began many years ago…


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