In a cage

smallWaiting for Gen con drives me nuts. I can’t sleep. I can’t rest. I can’t focus. I am no longer this always-focused fucking-efficient Ignacy who works 18/7. I am pre-Gen con Ignacy. Lousy dude who can’t find himself a place. I hate this version of Ignacy.

I hate him because he wastes time doing nothing. I hate him because he can’t think about anything but Gen con. I hate him because he lost creativity. I hate him because he lost confidence.

He wants to get to you and show you Rattle, Battle. He wants to reach you and play with you Tides of Time. He wants to act, he wants to do something, he wants to show you stuff he was working on for the past months.

He can’t. He is here, waiting for Gen con. Closed in a cage.

2 thoughts on “In a cage

  1. Ignacy, I hope this finds you as well as the cage allows! (I’m waiting eagerly for Gen Con too)

    My name is Joseph; I’m friends with Scott McColgin in Indianapolis, who plays World Cup with you every Gen Con year. The only game of yours I’ve played so far is Imperial Settlers, but I think I’m addicted – it’s a wonderful game.

    My wife and I are aspiring game designers, and I’d love to hear from you sometime – either online or in person – about how you got into board game design. Neither of us are illustrators, but we’re considering publishing some of our designs ourselves.

    I’ll be at Gen Con on Thursday (Allison will be home with our baby); I’ll stop by and meet you in person if I can find you, but I’d love to hear from you when you’re able. I’m looking forward to Rattle Battle and Tides of Time!

    You can email me at

  2. Dawn McNeil says:

    it is after gen con now update

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