Warning for my grandson

black-and-white-man-person-cigarette-mediumWe all have been there. You buy a game, you are so excited, you love it and… Yeah, your beloved partner doesn’t like the game. You will not play it. You awesome game gets stuck on the shelf.

I had it with Lord of the Rings: Confrontation. Dungeon Twister. Railways of the World. And so on and so on…


That’s why you have a son, right? It takes time, I know. It took me like 10 years of waiting, but the day have come. I took Dungeon Twister from the shelf. Believe me – layer of dust on the box was really thick. I opened the box with my hands shaking. I read the rulebook again. I explained rules to my son. We played.

He hated it. He said the game sucks and he won’t play it again with me. I put the game on the shelf again.


I have daughter. One day I will have grandson. Yes, I know it will take some time to play with him but I am patient. I can wait. But I tell you this. If this ten years old jerk fails me and won’t like Dungeon Twister… His grandpa might be really pissed off.

Just sayin’


2 thoughts on “Warning for my grandson

  1. Manuel Correia says:

    Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Billy Board Game says:

    I got so angry with Railways of the World the first time I played it. It felt to me like there was an insurmountable lead after the first 3 turns and the game was supposed to go on for another 2 hours as a foregone conclusion. I hated it. I am more calm now. My son’s was playing Arkham Horror at 8 years old. His favorite game for awhile was Terra Mystica and he is just 11. I love it. He plays all my designs with me. I am working on a Eurogame about the Cold War and he loves it. He’s even coming up with ideas and sometimes they are pretty good.

    Grandchildren, though, that’s scary to me.

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