Go, meet people!

10551521_10152599062559686_5047243371117910583_oI was asked once if there is any sense for me to go to small conventions. Ignacy you go to Essen, Gen con, BGG con, Lucca, you visit all those big shows, you meet thousands of players, sign boxes and promote your games. Why the hell are you still going to small cons. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Focus on big cons, man.

This weekend I spent in Lublin at Boardmania con. Smallest convention ever. There was like 30 people there. It was basically board games hangout. Makes no sense to go there, huh?

Well, actually it makes a lot of sense to me.

Big cons are big. I meet so many gamers, so many fans, but I have like only 2 or 3 minutes to chat with them, just few sentences and that’s it, new people come and want ask me question, sign game or take a photo. It’s always rush, it’s always in hurry, it’s shaking hands with hundreds of people per day.

Totally different story is a small con. I can sit with few guys for an hour drinking tea and talking about games. I can run demo of my game and tell jokes and stories at the same time because we are not in a hurry – we have two hours to enjoy the moment. I can meet and get to know people. You guys can meet me and get to know me better.

That is why I go to small conventions as often as I go to big conventions. I believe our hobby is all about people. Games are social experience. Games are about hanging out with people. Convention where I can spend a weekend with 50 gamers and hang out with them is a great choice.

My advice for you? Go, meet people.

midWinter 8


I came back from Norway more than a week ago. And yes, it took me more than a week to get back on my feet. MidWinter turned out to be one of the most unlucky conventions I have ever been. The very first night in Norway I got high temperature, fever and soon after, in the morning it was f… clear – I have a flu.

Flu doesn’t work with snack bar food.

Flu doesn’t work with running demos at convention.

Flu doesn’t work with Norwegian weather. I felt super bad and yet, I was pushing it hard, everyday trying to be as long as possible at convention and run demos.

When I got home it was payback time.



The city and the area from what I managed to see during the first day is absolutely beautiful. It is exactly as you’d imagine Norway. Amazing small port city and green land with huge rocks, strong wind… The moment we landed, I knew I am in Norway and I loved it.

If you like to do sightseeing and board gaming in one weekend, visiting MidWinter is awesome option for you.


Norwegian folk. I mean Vikings.

Not all of them has a beard. And they are not fierce warriors. They are extremely friendly and kind people. Don’t have beards. Don’t hold axes. Are smiled, funny, and super kind.



Selection of games was crazy. I have to say – most conventions I’ve been has a club library available. Here it was different – it was just games brought by geeks. And I have to say it – every single geek brought best games from his or her collection. From the hottest new games (X-Com, Imperial Assault) till the old great games (Imperial, 7 Wonders), from light games (Bausack, Splendor), till heavy beasts (Through the Ages). So many great titles. I was walking next to the library and I saw one title after another that I’d love to play.

If not this stupid flu…



Prices in Norway are highest in Europe. Considering the fact that I am from Poland, one of the poorest countries in Europe… You get the point. For a price of sandwich I could get dinner in Poland.

At one point I was really shocked – I was talking with Einar, chief of MidWinter and he said: ‘Games are very cheap, we buy a lot of them.’

That was a first time in my life when I heard a gamer saing ‘Games are cheap.’

That shows you level of prices of other products in Norway, huh? 🙂



There was crazy amount of tournaments and crazy amount of participants. Tournament for Imperial Settlers had 22 players, biggest in the world so far! People played tournament of King of Tokyo and Quirkle and PitchCar and Bausack… At casual conventions like that, with just free gaming so many tournaments is something unique.

I have to mention super fair play atmosphere during tournament of Imperial Settlers. I already posted about it on Instagram and Twitter – players were super friendly, were helping each other with rules, were supportive to their opponents. Let better player win was a motto, but let us play in a friendly way was even more important. Great approach.


If only the flu

MidWinter is a small convention held in a small beautiful city. I strongly recommend you to check flight tickets, look for good price or promotion and consider visiting a Norway. This is a stunning place you can visit and enjoy. And play some board games too.

I am super sad I had flu and I was not able to enjoy the convention in 100%. I hope to come back to MidWinter. It is definitely a place I want to come back! These are definitely people I want to meet again and play with them some cool games!

P.S. Probably I infected half of the population of the Norway with my flu. I am sorry.