World Championship, babe!

zdjęcieFor the past 30+ years I played football at least once a week. As a kid I played every day, in college I played twice a week, nowadays I play every Monday. I can’t say that about board games – every year there is a few weeks, when I take a break and I play no board games at all. There was no single week of break from football in my life.

I love board games, I am huge board games fan, but let me be honest with you – in my heart I am sport dude. If there is an offer on the table to play my beloved Mall of horror or to play football, I will choose football. Sorry to say that.

I also watch sport. I watch football (Premiere League) and I watch all mayor events in sports that involve team sports. That is why I was so excited and so freaking happy when Rob and his friends invited me this Gen con for a American Football match (Indiana Colts against NJ Giants). I believe they did not realize how huge it was for me and how happy I was that evening.

But let me tell you something. Let me tell you about yesterday evening.

Yesterday Polish volleyball team won World Championship. It is second gold medal in Polish history. We won it only once in 1974, two years before I was born. Yesterday we defeated Brasil, team that won 3 gold medals in a row and was World Champion for the past 12 years.

Watching our team reaching their highest skills, watching their determination and their will to defeat Brasil was something I will remember for years. Pure emotions. I was shouting, I was clapping, I was cursing, swearing, I was acting like a madman. And I was witnessing history – Poland won World Championship.

You sport freaks do understand me, huh? It was some about 20 hours ago. And I am still shaking…

What a feeling. What a night!

This is broken game.

I worked on Imperial Settlers for the past 8 months. I worked day and night. Every day, every weekend and every holiday. I was testing on Christmas and I was testing on Easter.  There was no way to get rid of the game, no way to clear my head and stop thinking about Imperial Settlers. You think about new cards when taking shower, you worry about balance when you get to bed. This is obsession. This is changing your whole world around one thing – Imperial Settlers.

The game is scheduled for Gen Con 2014 –  this is my most important release, this is the moment I was preparing for years, this is me debuting at Gen Con, biggest event in North America. This is it. This is the moment when I put on the plate all the best I have and I go to US and say: Here I am. This is my new game. Play and have fun. This is my moment.


The games are not yet in US. They are at manufacturer.

It may happen that manufacturer will screw up, print something bad and we will need to postpone Gen Con release.

It may happen that shipping will have some problems and games won’t make for Gen Con.

It may happen that some documents will be wrong and customs will hold the game for few weeks.

It may happen that nearly year of my obsessive work and biggest event of my life will be ruined by a mistake of one person hardly involved in board games. Manufacturers worker, shipping guy, custom employee… A guy.

You can imagine how much broken, devastated or simply pissed off I would be if it happens.


Yesterday Japanesee referee – hardly involved in playing football – ruined months of preparations of Croatia players. He threw all their hard work into bin. He took their hopes and dreams about World Cup and said: Sorry, you worked hard, but I made mistake and all those hours you spent in training were waste of time. I can’t imagine how broken, devastated or simply pissed off Croatians are now.

Football is a broken game. I love it, but there are these moments I am so close to throw my TV off the window. Yesterday I had this moment. And as I can imagine, many of you had it too.



I can’t accept lack of respect

9381513147_399e5e5562Yesterday it was first time in my life when I decided to not watch Polish football team playing match. Whole life, more than 30 years of my life I watched every single match of Polish football team. I watched with hope that one day they will play good football. Like an old dog I was sitting in front of TV for all those years and I couldn’t understand it… Why they don’t try harder. Why they don’t fight. Why they act like they are there for punishment.

I find this attitude as a lack of respect for their supporters, for their work, for themselves. That is why yesterday, for the first time in my life I turned off TV when Polish national team played match. I had enough.

I am not this wag guy or jester guy who makes jokes about football players. I don’t tell jokes in the office after we loose match. I am quite the opposite. I am really and truly sad when our team plays miserably. I don’t find it funny. I don’t want to hear jokes about it. For all those years I really trusted in Polish team and was sad when I had to hear those stupid jokes…

Dear Polish national team. For the first time I decided to not be with you. I did it because of your lack of respect for the work you do. I never wanted you to win against England, Germany or Spain. I only wanted you to fight for the victory. To care about match. To do your best and leave heart, sweat and tears on the pitch. I only wanted you to respect your loyal supporters.

I can forgive lack of skills. I can’t forgive lack of heart.

Too many times you failed your loyal supporter. I am sorry. I quit.



Photo Credit: __MaRiNa__ via Compfight cc